Author = Alavi, Sayyed Hamid Reza
Anthropological Foundations of Spiritual Intelligence and Educational Principles and Methods Related to It from the Perspective of Molana

Volume 30, Issue 56, December 2022, Pages 115-163

parvin yousefzadeh; Seyyed Hamid Reza Alavi; Mohammad Reza Sarfi; Masoud Fazilatpour

Rumi's theological principles and its implications in emotional education (principles and methods)

Volume 28, Issue 48, November 2020

Ramazan Jahandari; Sayyed Hamid Reza Alavi; Ahmad Amiri Khorasani

Anthropology of Hafez and Its Implications in Education

Volume 26, Issue 38, October 2020, Pages 5-27

Mohammad Reza Madadi Mahani; Sayyed Hamid Reza Alavi; Mohammad Reza Sarfy; Morad Yari Dehnavi


Volume 25, Issue 36, May 2020, Pages 135-157