Author = rahnama, akbar
Critique of the Components of the Theory of Sexual Capital Based on Islamic Teachings and Its Implications for the Sexual Education of Women and Girls

Volume 29, Issue 53, February 2022, Pages 209-239

Maryam Ashouri Cheryani; Tyyebeh Mahrouzadeh; Akbar Rahnama; Parvin Samadi

A Comparative Study of the Philosophical Bases of Moral Training from the Viewpoints of Allameh Tabatabaei and Levinas

Volume 28, Issue 48, November 2020, Pages 63-86

Majid Khari Arani; Akbar Rahnama; Mahdi Sobhaninezhad


Volume 24, Issue 30, August 2020, Pages 31-54

A Comparative Study of the Aesthetic ideas of Allameh Jā€™afari and John Dewey: Deriving Implications for Education

Volume 26, Issue 39, February 2019, Pages 5-34

mohammad hossein hashemian; mohammad hasan mirzamohammadi; akbar rahnama; Muhammad Daraei