Author = rezayat, Gholam hossein
Designing the competency model for the managers of the second year of secondary education

Volume 32, Issue 62, April 2024, Pages 139-168

MohammadHosein Zerafati; Abbas Abbaspour; Gholamhossein Rezayat

The Nature of Islamic Spirituality Following an Educational Approach

Volume 30, Issue 54, April 2022, Pages 239-278

Gholamhossein Rezayat; Ahmad Gholamali; Fateme Rezayat


Volume 24, Issue 30, August 2020, Pages 113-138

Epistemology from Imam Ali's Point of View, Emphasizing on Educational Implications

Volume 28, Issue 46, May 2020, Pages 5-30

Ghulam Hussein Rezayat; Fatemeh Rezayat

Designing a Model for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training and Teaching Courses in Military Organizations

Volume 27, Issue 44, November 2019, Pages 25-57

reza hosseinpour; Gholam hossein rezayat; ghorban sayad neghab