Author = Karimi Khoygani, Roohollah
The ways of Police discipline In Nahj al-Balagha's educational teachings

Volume 31, Issue 61, January 2024, Pages 207-238

Ruhollah Karimi Khoigani

A Philosophical Investigation of the Rationalist Point of View Based on Rational and Logical Principles in Thought, Behavior and Speech

Volume 30, Issue 55, September 2022, Pages 71-103

Shahin Amiri; Mohsen Imani Naeeini; Abbas Ali Rostami Nasab; Roohallah karimi khoygani

Codifying the Model of Ashura Islamic Education: Grounded theory approach

Volume 30, Issue 55, September 2022, Pages 291-341

Maryam Mohammadi; Roohallah karimi khoygani; Mahdi Mahmodi

The Semantics of Islamic Training on the Basis of the “Maghatel” of the Event of Ashura

Volume 29, Issue 50, June 2021, Pages 83-108

Maryam Mohammadi; Roohollah Karimi Khoygani; Mahdi Mahmoodi