Author = imani, mohsen
Designing a moral education curriculum model based on Ayatollah Javadi Amoli's point of view

Volume 30, Issue 57, January 2023, Pages 151-199

Mahmoud Omidi; Mehdi Sobhani Nejad; Mohammad Hasan Mirza Mohammadi; Mohsen Imani Naeeini

A Philosophical Investigation of the Rationalist Point of View Based on Rational and Logical Principles in Thought, Behavior and Speech

Volume 30, Issue 55, September 2022, Pages 71-103

Shahin Amiri; Mohsen Imani Naeeini; Abbas Ali Rostami Nasab; Roohallah karimi khoygani

A Metacognition of the Objectives and Principles of Moral Training of Children Based on the Views of Avicenna

Volume 27, Issue 45, February 2020, Pages 53-69

Nahid Heidari; Saeid Beheshti; Ali Delavar; Mohsen Imani

Explaining the Objectives of Islamic Training for Adolescents through Responsibility Approach

Volume 27, Issue 45, February 2020, Pages 169-194

Mohammad Majidpour Khoei; Ali Mohebbi; Mohsen Imani Naeeni

Analytical Investigation of Teacher Characteristics in Iranian Education Documents and Its Criticism Using Shahid Sani's Viewpoint

Volume 27, Issue 43, October 2019, Pages 77-95

a'zam riyazi; mohammad hassan mirzamohammadi; mohsen imani