Aims and Scope

Aim and scope of the Journal of Research in Islamic Education

1) Examining and introducing various aspects of education in the Holy Quran

2) Explaining the educational life of the Holy Prophet of Islam and his family (pure Shiite education)

3) Explaining and introducing the principles of Islamic education

4) Examining and explaining the dimensions and goals of education from the perspective of Islam

5) Explaining the methods of education from the Islamic point of view

6) Analyzing and presenting the views and ideas of education and training of Muslim thinkers

7) Comparing the educational views of Muslim scholars and thinkers with other non-Muslim scholars

8) Designing the basic issues and challenges of the country's education and providing new and argumentative views to the trustees and those involved in achieving Islamic education through the Islamic Revolution

9) Expansion and dissemination of original science and knowledge of Islamic education

Thematic axes of the Journal
1) Various problems, issues and topics in the field of education from the perspective of Islam

2) Basics, principles and dimensions of education from the perspective of Imam Khomeini (RA) and the Supreme Leader

3) Comparative study of Islamic education and training with other educational schools in the world

4) comparative and comparative studies of educational ideas and opinions of Islamic thinkers with other thinkers of the world

5) Examining the way of applying and using the educational teachings of Islam in the design of educational and educational systems of the country

6) Pathology of the existing education and training systems based on the standards of education and training from the perspective of Islam

7) Designing a model related to various levels of the country's educational systems based on the Islamic perspective

8) Planning issues related to various fields of education and training in the IRGC and other armed forces of the country