Keywords = Islamic teachings
Targeting sex education for elementary schools with regard to Islamic teachings

Volume 32, Issue 62, April 2024, Pages 221-246

REZA hajipour bagheri

Identifying the components of educational leadership based on the teachings of Islam

Volume 30, Issue 57, January 2023, Pages 229-257

Amir Ali Asghari; Mohammad Naghi Imani; Mahmoud Safari

An Explanation of Moral Training of Children in the Second Seven-Years phase on the Basis of Islamic Teachings

Volume 29, Issue 50, June 2021, Pages 279-299

Asghar Nikhoomanesh; Mahshid Izadi; Hojjatollah Rafiei Shamsabadi; Najmeh Vakili

An Appraisal of the Dimensions of Soft Training in the Islamic Teachings

Volume 28, Issue 47, August 2020, Pages 183-202

Sayyed Ebrahim Mortazavi; M’asoumeh Pourasghari; Mojtaba Ansari Moghaddam