Identifying the Factors Affecting the Enhancement of the Role of Religious and Moral Training of the Educators at a Military University

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1 Lecturer and researcher at Imam Hussein University of officers’ and Pasdar training

2 Post graduate student of Jihadi Instructor Training

3 Assistant professor at Imam Hussein Comprehensive University

4 Faculty member of Imam Hussein University of officers’ and Pasdar training


Despite the direct behavioral interaction between instructors and students, the instructional role of military science educators is disregard because of a variety of reasons, such as teaching of specific military courses and the barriers to the growth of intra-organizational ethics in the complex. Therefore, by identifying the factors affecting the enhancement of the religious and ethical role of educators, this study took a vital step in creating the necessary ground for helping the authorities. This research is intended to identify the effective factors of promoting the role of religious and moral training of the instructors in a military university. The main research question is: "What are the factors influencing the promotion of the role of religious and moral training of instructors in a military university?" This is an applied research which follows descriptive-analytical method with descriptive and inferential statistics for data analysis. The statistical population consists of 100 subjects and the data were collected through questionnaires and were analyzed by SPSS software. The identification of the effective factors which influence the enhancement of the role of religious and ethical training of educators in individual and organizational fields, will make it possible to eliminate the obstacles to the growth of intra-organizational ethics of the educators in the university. The identified priorities of the results indicated that the individual instructors have to focus more on the individual and religious self-efficacy, and the university should rearrange its organizational priorities and pay more attention to better programs for upgrading its instructors.


 LibraryReference, U S A, 1999, p38.
Volume 27, Issue 45
February 2020
Pages 93-121
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