Author = Farmahini Farahan, Mohsen
Epistemological Foundations of Seyyed Hossein Nasr's Theory of Traditionalism and Its Implications for Rational Education

Volume 30, Issue 55, September 2022, Pages 105-134

Aref Pourmahoudi; Mohsen Farmahinifarahani; Roghye Mousavi; Mohmadhasan Mirzamohammadi

A Conceptual Model of Training Peaceful Coexistence in the Point of View of the Holy Quran Through Al-Mizan Interpretation

Volume 29, Issue 50, June 2021, Pages 33-58

Salman Rezvankhah; Susan Keshavarz; Akbar Salehi; Mohsen Farmahini Farahani

Fundamentals of Moral Training in the Anthropological Theory of Martyr Motahhari

Volume 28, Issue 48, November 2020, Pages 5-30

M’asoomeh Madavvar; Mohsen Farmahini Farahan; Said Beheshti


Volume 24, Issue 31, January 2020, Pages 67-90

Study of the status of Tayyeb's life in the document of fundamental change and explaining the ways of its realization in education

Volume 27, Issue 42, August 2019, Pages 79-104

mohsen farmahini farahani; fatemeh hosseiniaee; najme ahmad abadi arani