Author = Beheshti, Saeid
Investigating the concept of justice and how to realize it in Mulla Sadra's point of view, relying on the role of wisdom in education

Volume 31, Issue 61, January 2024, Pages 83-108

khadije bozorgi; saeed beheshti; ahmad salahshoor; shirin rashidi

Explaining the epistemological foundations of belief ethics in Javadi Amoli's view in order to design a conceptual model of belief ethics education

Volume 31, Issue 59, September 2023, Pages 119-148

ali aghaei; Akbar salehi; alireza mahhmodnia; saeed beheshti

The anthropological foundations of Allameh Hassanzadeh Amoli and the principles of social education resulting from it

Volume 31, Issue 58, May 2023, Pages 299-336

Seyed sadruddin Shariati; Rohollah Hasanzadeh; saeed beheshti; Ahmad Salahshoor

The Purports of Intellectual Education in the Epistemological Geometry of Abu Hamed Ghazali and Sadr al-Mutallah

Volume 29, Issue 53, February 2022, Pages 165-208

Mohammad Allaee; Saeed Beheshti; Ahmad Salahshouri

A Comparative Study of the Place of Altruism in the Theory of Moral Training According to John White and Martyr Morteza Motahhari

Volume 29, Issue 51, August 2021, Pages 121-158

Mohammad Mahdi Salehi; Mahdi Akhavan; saeed beheshti; Ahmad Salahshoori

An Investigation of the Nature of Science in the Ontology of the Knowledge of Transcendent Wisdom and Inferring Its Educational Indications

Volume 29, Issue 50, June 2021, Pages 5-32

Mohammad Shahryari; Saeid Beheshti; Tayyebeh Mahroozadeh; Mohsen Imani

Fundamentals of Moral Training in the Anthropological Theory of Martyr Motahhari

Volume 28, Issue 48, November 2020, Pages 5-30

M’asoomeh Madavvar; Mohsen Farmahini Farahan; Said Beheshti


Volume 25, Issue 35, November 2020, Pages 91-114


Volume 25, Issue 34, August 2020, Pages 9-27


Volume 24, Issue 32, May 2020, Pages 53-76

A Metacognition of the Objectives and Principles of Moral Training of Children Based on the Views of Avicenna

Volume 27, Issue 45, February 2020, Pages 53-69

Nahid Heidari; Saeid Beheshti; Ali Delavar; Mohsen Imani