Volume & Issue: Volume 30, Issue 56, December 2022 (Autumn Quarterly) 

Original Article

Identifying the Competencies of Counselors in the Public Education System with an Islamic Approach

Pages 11-57

Maryam Naseri; Reza Hosseinpour; Abdoullah Shafiabady

Original Article

Presenting a Model for Explaining the Indicators of Islamic Citizenship Education Using the Method of Synthesis

Pages 217-258

Jamaladin Mustafa; Mahshid Izadi; Masoumeh Samadi; Fahimeh Ansariyan; Majid Rostami Beshmani

Ethical Codes of Educational Leadership Based on the Teachings of Nahj Ol-Balagha

Pages 259-280

Asieh Najafi; Rezvan Hossein Qolizadeh; Abulfazl Ghaffari; Bakhshali Ghanbari